Coyote Trail

Skirts are in with a tee or tank tucked in, but dont forget the belt & buckle.
Forget comfort zones when stylinyour outfits. Dont let anyone tell you crazy pants, and denim arent cool.
Mix your colors around. If it doesn’t match in the color schemes, it probably looks just right.
It is literally all in the jeans. Find a fun, vintage pair and it will dress a tee up or give it that perfect old look.
Own whatever you wear, be your own fashionista. Be a boss babe in the fashion world.
Turquoise literally goes with everything. Dont forget to add a ton to your outfit. You just cant go wrong with vintage turquoise jeans.
Yellow is in style, and it isn’t going anywhere. Rather its the top or bottoms, yellow is a must have in your closet.
Whatever you are wearing, new trend or an old one you want to bring back, own it. These babes are the definition of owning an outfit.
Don’t be afraid to get a little punchy in your outfits, the wild west spirit has to be kept alive.
Find your gang that loves a little poker game in the middle of a deserted town and don't let them go.
Own your cowgirl spirit, make Annie Oakley proud. Step outta your comfort zone, but be darn proud of it.
Have an outlaw spirit, but also the mindset of one. Tackle the day knowing when you walk into town, all eyes are on you.